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104 year old Dagny teaches us how to enjoy podcasting

Maria teaches governance at SSE

Last week, Maria taught a class on corporate governance at the Stockholm School of [...]

Investors in growth

We want to help young companies achieve exponential growth

Fun. Purpose. Profit.

These are our guiding stars. If we have fun, if we do purposeful things and if our activity is profitable, then we hope you will want to work with us. Simple as that.


Alfvén & Didrikson was founded in 2010 by Hjalmar Didrikson, who has experience from investments and corporate governance, and Måns Alfvén, who has experience from management and operations.

A&D is lead by Maria Åhr, who has significant international experience from the investment industry.

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MariaCEO and Co-owner
Maria joined us in 2014 and immediately took charge of bringing us together as a team. She is a former running champion, a keen triathlete and has spent 10 years with global investment bank Goldman Sachs in New York, London and Stockholm.
Hjalmar is a passionate soul from Stockholm’s Southern suburbs who started up the business in 2010. He loves to run fast. With a background from UBS and EQT, he is now crazy about A&D and its investee companies.
Måns joined Hjalmar in 2011 and made A&D a real business. He has a clear head and strong sense of strategic direction. Since his Sydney days he is a brilliant swimmer. Måns has experience from BCG, Business Sweden Australia and a med tech startup.
KenCFO and Co-owner
Ken took charge of our financial activities in 2015. He is an entrepreneur and passionate about business. With roots in Finland, Ken has worked with EY and later on was part of founding a healthcare startup.

AdrianSpecial Assignments
Adrian joined us in May 2014. He doubles at the Stockholm School of Economics where he’s completing his M.Sc. Adrian has previous experience from Roland Berger, Avanza Bank, as well as leading a section within the Red Cross Youth Organization.
Victoria Special Assignments
Victoria joined us in May 2014. Victoria doubles at the Royal School of Engineering, KTH. She has previously completed four spring internships at investment banks in London, and will be joining the summer internship class within the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs in 2016.
Louise Project Co-ordinator
Louise joined Alfvén & Didrikson in November 2014, as project co-ordinator. She studies Business & Economics at Stockholm University. Louise has experience from the retail industry.